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Life Enrichment

The Life Enrichment Program is a unique service that focuses on the mind, body, and spirit of our senior adult participants and enables them to enjoy a higher quality of life. They receive encouragement to explore new and different worlds that they have never thought existed and to engage in activities that they have always wanted to accomplish.

Enrichment, enjoyment, and enlightenment are key words to describe the quality of life and experiences that they can encounter after arriving at an age where they are still able to venture out and grasp life to the fullest. We maintain the physical and mental level of each adult based on their mental and physical health and abilities but even if the body and mind begins to show signs of slowing down their spirits will still have a chance to soar. Their future is full of hope and promise for the life that they choose for themselves.

This program provides services that help the individual stay mentally alert, physically active and the opportunity to be involved in the community:

  • Games, puzzles, books, music, movies are provided to keep the mind young
    ​and alert.

  • Outdoor activities and exercise to keep the body limber and active. Music and art programs are provided to encourage creativity and the opportunity to perform.

  • Practicing good community service by visiting local nursing homes and performing on special occasions.

  • They have every opportunity to be in the community and give a certain amount back to the community by visiting a nursing home and performing for the residents.

Key Benefits :

A Sense of Belonging.

Functional Life Skills.


Community Inclusion.

​Lincoln/Lincolnton Chamber of Commerce​