The production department provides quality work for local industries at our facilities or at the customer's location.  For adults with disabilities this production work environment presents the opportunity to earn income while supplying competitively priced outsourced labor to local industries.

For customers, services provided are:  Assembly, Packaging, Collating, Shipping, Re-Work, Bar Coding, Sorting, Heat Sealing, Shrink Wrapping and Quality Inspection.  Other services that are available are Warehousing, Pickup and Delivery.

Day Activity  

Provides an organized day activity program with supervision for adults for a substantial part of the day in a group setting to individuals who are intellectually/developmentally disabled.

​​​NC Innovations

Provides Medicaid funded one-on-one/group services to
​persons with intellectual/developmental disabilities.

Gaston Skills, Inc.

Corporate Office

Hours:  M-Th 7:45am - 4:15pm                       F 7:45am - 2:00pm
​1301 Bessemer City Road
Gastonia, NC 28052

Toll Free:  1-888-241-3115
P:  704-869-0300
F:  704-869-9594

Salem Industries

Hours:  M-Th 8:00am - 4:00pm                       F 8:00am - 2:00pm
1636 Salem Church Road
Lincolnton, NC 28092

P:  704-732-1516
F:  704-732-0982

Life Enrichment

Provides activities for senior adults with intellectual/developmental disabilities.

Gaston Regional Chamber of Commerce

​Lincoln/Lincolnton Chamber of Commerce​

Serving Cleveland, Gaston and Lincoln Counties since 1964

Day Supports

Day support is a state funded service for individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities that focuses on enabling the individual to attain or maintain their maximum functional level. This service focuses on assisting individuals in becoming connected to naturally occurring support systems and relationships in the community to provide and enhance opportunities for meaningful community participation.

Supported Employment

Supported Employment is a Medicaid B-3 funded service. The primary objective of supportive employment is competitive employment which is defined as a job that pays at least minimum wage, for which anyone can apply, and is in an integrated work setting. A job coach will assist the individual in attaining and maintaining employment.

Community Guide

Community Guide is a B-3 Medicaid funded service. The service assists the individual in forming and sustaining a full range of relationships with natural and community supports that allows them opportunity for meaningful community integration and inclusion.